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Analysis Of Lehman Brothers Collapse And Key Audit †Free Samples

Question: Examine about the Analysis Of Lehman Brothers Collapse And Key Audit Matters As Per Asa 701. Answer: Presentation In this report, the breakdown of the Lehman Brothers has been point by point. The breakdown looked by the organization has prompted the development and quick utilization of the Auditing standard 701 on imparting the key review matters in the autonomous review report. From the start the recorded foundation of the organization Lehman Brothers has been given and for the last how long the organization is into banking business and how they have made benefit. From that point the breakdown happened in the time of 2,000 and eight will be nitty gritty alongside the reasons why the equivalent has occurred. From there on the reasons will be refered to with respect to why the evaluators have not offered the certified input in their review report while confirming the fiscal summaries of the organization. At that point the evaluating standard number 701 gave by the Auditing standard board in United States will be talked about and how the breakdown had prompted the rise and utilization of this insp ecting standard. It has additionally itemized the key review matters that the inspector more likely than not referenced while evaluating the books of accountings incorporated as budget summaries of the organization. At the last, the report has been wound up with the proper end and the satisfactory suggestion. The primary point of the report is to distinguish the key review matters that would have been accounted for in Lehman Brothers review report before occurring of the chronicled occasion and what key issues are required to be referenced according to the new and applicable evaluating standard. With this point the report has been readied and the date has been gathered from the solid sources. Lehman Brothers Recorded Background In the time of eighteen thousand and forty four, Mr Henry Lehman was settled in United States of America and he there opens a general store which is occupied with the matter of offering the dry merchandise to the clients. Clients are principally the cotton ranchers. The name of the organization was H Lehman. After the appearance of the siblings of Henry Lehman, the name of organization was changed to Lehman Brothers. In the time of eighteen hundred and fifty, cotton has been considered as the most significant harvest in the United States of America and keeping this in see the three siblings have begun to have crude cotton in lieu of the things bought from their general store. Accordingly, along these lines they have begun the second business activity of exchanging cotton. With the progression of time the organization has connected with itself in the buy and selling of products as the financier organization and opened its first office in Liberty Street, United States where there is th e home of figuring operators and authorizing specialists. After the common war that has occurred in the year 1862, the organization has converged with another organization and has begun financing for reproduction of the influenced pieces of the nation. From there on the organization has changed over its business activity from exchanging wares to the speculation banking including the regions of endorsing the issue of offers and debentures and financing the enormous and tremendous undertakings of the various organizations over the world. Very nearly twenty six thousands were utilized by the organization over the World. The organization has financed numerous undertakings including the Chicago railroad venture, the north western railroad venture, Pennsylvania railroad venture, and so on. The organization has been the method of having assets from different huge organizations like the organization has financed the Paramount pictures and Century fox in year of 1930s and has been the assist ance for building up the circuits for in excess of 700 theaters (HBS, 2014). The companys benefit since its commencement has been ever developing and expanding at the expanded rate. Purposes behind Collapse With this foundation, certain conditions were there and conditions have happened which have prompted the breakdown of organization upon the arrival of fifteen of year of 2,000 and eight is of large concern. The explanations behind the breakdown are given underneath: No Buyer The significant reason for the breakdown of the Lehman Brothers is non accessibility of the purchaser at the time before the organization has declared financial insolvency. On the off chance that the organization would have discovered the purchaser, at that point the circumstance of recording the insolvency insurance would not have emerged. On account of different organizations like Merrill Lynch and Bear Sterns, and so forth who have confronted the equivalent monetary emergency yet have not applied for the insolvency security as they have the purchasers at a beginning time (Azadinamin, 2013). Monstrous Accounting Fraud The Company has utilized the bookkeeping treatment which has prompted the absolute change of fiscal reports. The organization has utilized the procedure which is named by Repo 105. The term repo is alluded to as the Repurchase understanding. By this method the organization undercuts its term protections in lieu of money to the counterparty for brief span and through understanding the organization will repurchase the protections so changed over in real money after the finish of length. In the event that the organization neglects to repurchase a similar then the counterparty can get it traded from other the market. The organization records the exchange so entered as deals and gets the sum in real money. Through the sum so got in real money, the organization continues paying its liabilities and along these lines dealing with their benefit and liquidity proportions and significant asset report proportions (Johnson, 2012). The organization has been occupied with this training throughout the previous eight years before the date of breakdown and has been fruitful recorded as a hard copy off $50 billion liabilities out of the asset report (Maux and Morin, 2011). According to the American bookkeeping principles, the protections so given will be appeared as the credit in the books of records and when the equivalent is repurchased the sum will be set off from the advance. Yet, the organization is demonstrating the exchange as deals in the books of records which are the obvious infringement of American Accounting standard. Despite the fact that Repo 105 is admissible by the American bookkeeping gauges yet the manner in which the organization has followed isn't passable (Chadha, 2016). Along these lines, the organization has made the bungle botches in the books of record and has done window dressing through infringement of the norms. Danger of Credit Default Swaps Lehman siblings was effectively engaged with this market. The organization has hugely occupied with the matter of allowing advances for the sub prime property territories. Subprime regions are considered as the mediocre territory and banks typically charged higher pace of enthusiasm on the measure of advance endorsed and conceded. Because of increment in the interest for the property the likelihood and odds of having the defaults in installment of advances have become higher which thus have driven the rush of disappointment of organizations and different securitization vehicles in the market (Dutta, 2010). Government Restriction for Purchase by Barclay Lehman Brothers would likewise have not recorded the chapter 11 insurance had the Government would have permitted the procurement of Lehman Brothers by Barclays. Government has completely confined the procurement following which the organization had to record the chapter 11 security application (Farndale, 2008). Free Auditors Report Which means and Why it is Issued The review report is the report given by the reviewer of the organization which expresses that the budget summaries so arranged by the organization from the books of records are solid and applicable and speaks to the valid and reasonable perspective on the monetary soundness of the association. Budgetary wellbeing incorporates the monetary situation of the organization just as the money related execution of the organization. The free word has been utilized all the while with the Auditors report. It is on the grounds that the evaluator must be unbiased and liberated from any predisposition and his every single supposition that he frames on the fiscal summaries of the organization after full and complete confirmation will be objective and will not be feeling the squeeze or any type of personal circumstance or some other factor. The sentiment so framed might be qualified, unfriendly, disclaimer or inadequate. The review of books of records of the organization is required by the enterprise demonstration of the individual nation in which the organization is working. The autonomous inspectors report is significant and obligatory for all the organizations and to be added with the fiscal reports of the organization and will frame some portion of the yearly report of the organization. The autonomous evaluators report helps the clients of the fiscal reports including the partners of the organization to know the profundities of the organization as far as its working, its exhibition and all the more critically how much riches the investor will win by putting resources into the organization. Without the free reviewers report no individual can decide whether the organization is working inside the constraints of the relevant laws or not. For example, in the event of banking organization whether the organization is following the rules of Federal Reserve Bank and other comparable administrative special ists. Explanations behind Unqualified Opinion The inspectors of the organization Ernst and Young have shut their eyes and marked the budget reports of the organization in doubt that the Repo 105 that organization is applying is exact and as per the American bookkeeping standard. However, in genuine the inspectors are very much aware of the way that the organization is in the procedure of getting the books of records window wearing such a way, that the liabilities of the organizations are completely set off (Chatterjee, 2015, Mc 2010 and Inman, 2014). It has likewise been point by point that the directors of the organization, in their fiscal summaries, have not referenced about these kind of exchange in their notes to the records and a similar actuality has not been qualified by the reviewer in his examiners report and furthermore not made the partners of the organization mindful of the way that the money related s

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LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Technology

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Technology LIDAR (Light discovery and extending) is a strategy for deciding the geology of the surface utilizing a laser. These heartbeats created are recorded which give exact three-dimensional data about the surface. Today different stage LIDAR is accessible in the market and those are picked dependent on the undertaking prerequisite. For example earthbound LIDAR, which is fixed in ground, airborne LIDAR, which is set on a flying stage like a plane or helicopter and space borne Laser which is fixed on satellite stages. Two kinds of LIDAR are accessible, topographic, and bathymetric. Topographic LIDAR use close to infrared laser, though bathymetric LIDAR us green light which enter the water. The utilization of airborne laser (LIDAR) for estimating the profundity of close to shore waterfront waters and lakes from an airplane is getting progressively well known in looking over industry. The interest for quicker and less expensive coastline study can be supplanted by utilizing airborne LIDAR innovation. The Airborne LIDAR bathymetry was effectively tried by US, Canada, and Australia in the mid 1970s. The framework worked by Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) in 1986, the LARSEN 500 framework was the primary operational airborne LIDAR bathymetry framework. Airborne LIDAR bathymetry has demonstrated to be progressively precise, savvy, proficient, and quick technique for gathering shallow water bathymetry information than the sonar innovation which is less productive and difficult to work much of the time. The airborne laser bathymetry includes the beat laser transmitter which discharges green and infrared shafts. The frequency of green laser is 532 nm which can enter seaside water with less weakening and can be utilized for beach front base identification. The infrared (IR) can't enter the water and can be utilized for ocean surface discovery. The bathymetry sensors comprise of four significant parts, the GPS beneficiary which records the airplane position, the inertial estimation unit (IMU) which gives the move, pitch and yaw of the airplane, the laser scanner which radiates the sign and the recipient sensor which read the bringing signal back. The LIDAR framework can record the exact estimations by knowing the position and direction o f every one of these parts. These sensors can gauge a great many focuses every seconds The transmitted laser beat from the airplane incompletely reflected from the water surface and the seabed back to the beneficiary. By recording the time taken from the laser to arrive at the surface and back to the recipient and speed of the light in air and in water, the separation to the ocean surface and ocean bed can be determined. This data is utilized to compute the water profundity. The bathymetric LIDAR framework additionally incorporates RGB cameras which gain better shading photograph which is utilized as a quality check device in distinguishing proof of bathymetric highlights and helps to route. Airborne LIDAR bathymetry has variousâ â focal points over other conventional water borne reviewing strategies. It has propensity to perform study rapidly, proficiently inside little operational window. This can cover an enormous zone and every one of those territories where it is hard to study utilizing customary looking over strategies. The capacity of the airborne LIDAR to wo rk from the air gives the assessor an adaptability that study vessel assessors could barely envision. The advanced airborne LIDAR currently accompanies angled computerized photography which can be converged with point cloud. These georeferenced pictures are utilized during the approval procedure. There are various constraints of an airborne LIDAR bathymetry framework. The most extreme profundity the laser can infiltrate relies upon the clearness of water. The most extreme surveyable profundities rely upon a few frameworks utilized and nature condition. The green laser enters and travel most extreme profundity if the water is clear water. The greatest surveyable profundities ranges from 50 meters in clean water to under 10 meters in cloudy water. The utilization of airborne LIDAR framework isn't fitting for little objective recognition. The spatial goals got from the airborne LIDAR isn't in the same class as for current high recurrence sonar. Little objective recognition utilizing airborne LIDAR might be conceivable by altogether expanding the study thickness which turns out to be progressively costly. Different ecological elements like downpour, mist, mists, high breezes, high waves, and so on can cause issue while conveying airborne LIDAR study. Studying in downpour cause la ser shaft to backscatter to the collector bye raindrops. The backscatter signal by the fog, haze can bring about bogus surface heights.â Airborne review in high wind can represent a risk when flying close to a waterfront mountain and cause changes in overview thickness. Airborne LIDAR bathymetry innovation can be utilized for some, applications like diagramming, natural mapping, flood plain and waterfront mapping and so forth. in-center bathymetric-LIDAR-2

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What is Live Lit and How Can I Read It

What is Live Lit and How Can I Read It This post is a bit of an oxymoron. Live Lit isn’t meant to be experienced through the pages of a book. Though it shares similarities with book readings, it has no intention of getting you to read a book either, at least not directly. Book readings, as much as I love them and have a valid purpose, always come off as a tad stuffy and stiff. The selection is usually carefully selected to entice the reader to finish the whole story in their own time. It is all very polite. There is a thin layer of separation between the author and the work, the work and the audience, and the writer and their fan. By its very nature, it leaves you wanting more. With Live Lit, those artificial barriers seem to collapse into an experience that feels more like communion. Many of you may have heard of The Moth and the gist of Live Lit events around the country is more or less similar: storytellers take the stage to present an original story in front of a live audience. I usually tell friends that it’s a bit like stand up comedy, except you get one long anecdote and there is no obligation to be funny. Not all shows are the same and what you gravitate towards will, of course, be determined by personal taste. Some shows require a first-person true-to-life narrative, others do not. Some shows let performers read off the page, others frown upon it. Some let you ramble for as long as you want, some have a strict time limit. Whatever the guidelines may be, witnessing this hybrid art form tends to be more electrifying than a regular reading. Even in those cases where writers use notes, the performance allows itself to improvise the material and feed off the audience reactions. Plus, the short format gives the audience the intense, meaty bite of a complete story. In Chicago, where I currently live, you can find a Live Lit show pretty much on any given day and there’s also a booming scene in New York, Austin, Los Angeles and most major cities. Those brave enough to take the stage are not always part of the literary establishment and many don’t have it as their ultimate goal. It gives readersâ€"or in this case, listenersâ€"a chance to hear stories that are unfiltered through the somewhat elitist and cutthroat filter of traditional publishing and media. The medium though has also seen talents go from bright-eyed newbies to full-on powerhouses, with bylines in The New York Times, TV pilots and their very own paperbacks to call their own. I encourage you to find one in your town or at least download episodes of The Moth, Mortified, and Miss Spoken to name a few. For those who are intrigued by Live Lit but can’t make it to a show just yet, there’s hope. Here are a few books where you can read the thrilling words of writers who first expressed them via the stage. The Moth Presents All These Wonders: True Stories About Facing the Unknown For a lit movement that is pretty grassroots, The Moth is arguably the most established presence. Long gone are the days when unknown people took to the mic, having put on shows in pretty much every major city and invited such distinguished guests like Mike Birbiglia to speak their truth. The newest collection from the non-profit organization boasts a foreword by Neil Gaiman and stories from much-loved darlings like Louis C.K., Meg Wolitzer and John Turturro. Nevertheless, you can also find stories from regular folk that have made a name for themselves in this circuit, like the great Shannon Cason. It’s a great introduction to what Live Lit can do and what it’s accomplished. Once I Was Cool: Personal Essays by Megan Stielstra Stielstra is known for finding meaning in the heartbreaks and joys of daily life and tackling them with humor and compassion. The essays in this book range from a hilarious rage-defense of being nice to the deeply moving loneliness of postpartum depression. Her new book of essays, The Wrong Way to Save Your Life, will be out later this summer. Bare-Knuckled Lit: The Best of WRITE CLUB  edited by Ian Belknap and Lindsay Muscato Perennial Chicago favorite, Write Club is one of the most joyfully raucous and thought-provoking shows in the scene. Two performers are each assigned opposing concepts. Think, fight vs. flight or love vs. hate. They then have seven minutes to defend their idea to an audience that will later name one victorious. This anthology compiles some of the best debates from the show in short, pithy, but no less effective, essays. Meaty by Samantha Irby With a TV pilot based on this book on the way, I am so ready for the Samantha Irby takeover. Irreverent, blunt and always willing to go where other writers won’t, Irby is a force of nature onstage and off. Fans of her blog Bitches Gotta Eat and her former show Guts Glory will recognize her candor when describing bouts with Crohn’s Disease, her habit of thumb sucking, growing up poor in an affluent neighborhood and dealing with the loss of her parents. Her new book, We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, is at the top of my summer reading list and it should be on yours too.

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The Meaning of Respect Essay - 747 Words

Most people go through life and always hear about the word respect, but they don’t know what it means. Respect is the esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person. There are things in life you need to hold in respect. Respect for yourself, respect for others, and respect for property. Respect is taught to people everywhere and it is even taught to them in their religions. Respect is the very aspect that keeps everything in your life. Respect for yourself is very important to a person because it can be the balancing factor of your life. If a person has no respect for themselves the will most likely go into depression. Respecting yourself is also important for your self-esteem. Having a high self-esteem means that people†¦show more content†¦Respecting your elders is important because they know more than you and they know what is good for you and what isn’t. Respecting your peers is important too. Respecting your peers means not making fun of them, not fighting, and helping them when they are troubled by something. Lastly respecting property means not damaging or taking something that is not yours. Respecting property can vary from writing on a desk at school to stealing from a store. Respecting property is important because if you don’t it could be considered a felony offense. But respecting property is just using your common sense. There is a Japanese culture that teaches us to respect the environment because they believe that the earth is holy, such as the trees, grass, and animals. You may be asking yourself â€Å"what does this have to do with respecting property?† But respecting property does not just mean that you shouldn’t damage things that are not yours but it also means taking care of your enviorment. There is an old saying â€Å"do onto others as you would have them do onto you.† How would you feel if someone came along and broke your bicycle, or trampled on your flowers? Most people don’t think about how the other person would feel if someone did something to their personal property. There is a Japanese culture that teaches us to respect the environment because they believe that the earth is holy,Show MoreRelatedDeontology Is An Ethical Theory900 Words   |  4 Pages Throughout history, wars over the meaning of equality have been expressed in many ways for the purpose of establishing one standard to the meaning of equal. Equal is being treated with the same respect regardless of gender. The theory of deontology has defined and developed the meaning of equal within society. However, it has been a slow process. Miscommunication and misunderstanding to the meaning of gender equality is responsible for personal and social tyranny. Happiness, fairness, and dignityRead MoreWhat Respect Is The Word Respect?1113 Words   |  5 Pages When talking about the word respect, numerous individuals have no clue what it implies. This word changes its meaning depending on who is inquired. Several people, even ones who comprehend what respect implies, still have no respect for anyone else. A two-way streak that everyone appears to overlook is respect. The word respect has a one-sided meaning to it, as an consequence of all the disrespect around the world. Res pect has different opinions, gone through history, and help shape famous quotesRead MoreEssay about The Classic of Filial Piety Analysis886 Words   |  4 Pagespainted in 1085. During this period, there was many who wanted to return to classic systems of beliefs, which Li Gonglin included in his piece mixed in with modern elements. The painting included classical elements and modern elements, in both meaning and strokes. The calligraphy is in archaic style, which influenced archaic to be the base style for preceeding paintings. The Classic of Filial Piety set a standard for following Chinese paintings, which included morals, archaic style, and scrollsRead MoreCore Issues in Ethics and Honesty1659 Words   |  7 Pagesperson, people trust you and when people trust you, you earn others respect. I believe that if you are honest you will be a much happier person and you will not feel the guilt associated with lying. My mother always taught me not to lie because the truth will eventually catch up to you. Being honest also builds character. Other people enjoy being around others who are honest with them. Honesty expresses both self-respect and respect for others. I believe that being honest is important because it strengthensRead MoreI Am Tourist1512 Words   |  7 Pages The poem I Am Tourist deals with the meaning and significance of tourism; particularly focussing on the modern take on what is a tourist. Adrian Mitchell presents the point of a ignorant tourist, and shows their lack of connection to the foreign land through the use of various literacy techniques such as imagery. The poems purpose is to let us witness the typical touristss shallow mindset, lack of respect to the culture and misplacing of priorities. It is written in first person narrative whichRead MoreHonoring The Knights Of The Round Table1179 Words   |  5 PagesThe word honor and its meaning, hasn’t changed much from the medieval times to the present day. In the medieval times, honor wasn’t just a word, but it was a way of life for the knights like King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Honor was a just one of multiple building blocks that King Arthur and his knights followed. The word is something that keeps the knight’s humanity intact, but some cases honor can be defined as people become divided depending on their social states. Within the knightsRead MoreFinding Dignity And Meaning Of Human Resources1378 Words   |  6 PagesKathy Szelag 4/21/2017 LAS 345 Finding Dignity and Meaning in Human Resources Work is a necessity, part of the meaning of life on this earth, a path to growth, human development and personal fulfillment.  After finishing my educational journey at Dominican University I hope to pursue a career in Human Resources. This type of work maintains and enhances the organization s human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practicesRead MoreSelf Respect Is A Very Powerful Term1099 Words   |  5 PagesNeel Bhagat ENG 111 September 09, 2015 Self-respect is a very powerful term. Self-respect is something that has to be earned; it has to be earned from you for yourself. Self-respect has to be learned by oneself, nobody is born with self-respect for himself or herself; it’s not an instinct. Many people take pride in their sense of self-respect. Self-respect is a vital part of ones existence. Self-respect is developed throughout a persons lifetime through many different experiences and encountersRead MoreResposibilities of a Christian/Catholic in a Free Society861 Words   |  4 PagesCatholics we must have respect for life. This has great meaning. We must be supportive for others needs. If we respect our lives, we can positively support others in their goals. We should all live by treating others how we would like to be treated. If we focus on seeing the good in people, we will also see God in them. Loving every moment of what life has to offer will give us a great appreciation and respect for life. The res ponsibility as good Catholics to respect life is to understandRead MoreBrand Relationships886 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Brand Relationships Fournier (1998) explains relationships with brands as relationships being purposeful by adding meaning and structure to life by shaping personality, changing self-concepts through expansion, or reinforcing the self-concept through mechanisms of self-worth or self-esteem. Relationships are deeply rooted in personal history and are central to ones core concept of self. They help resolve lifes themes that are central to the individual and may deliver on important projects and

Data Collection Activities in Algebra 1 Free Essays

Algebra has long been taught in the same way. This usually means teachers rely heavily on the textbook. Though some textbooks have changed in recent years, the central focus is till on paper and pencil, memorization of rules, and use of algorithms. We will write a custom essay sample on Data Collection Activities in Algebra 1 or any similar topic only for you Order Now The Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM 1989) asks mathematics teachers to seek activities that â€Å"model real-world phenomena with a variety of function† and â€Å"represent and analyze relationships using tables, verbal rules, equations, and graphs†. The standards also urge teachers to give students the opportunity to be actively involved in math through data analysis and statistics that are integrated into the curriculum. My hope is to show that these types of activities can be incorporated into an algebra I course as a way of teaching slope, y-intercept, and linear equations. I plan to teach a unit on linear equations during the third nine weeks of an eighth grade algebra I course next semester. The project will begin with one class learning the material typically covered in most algebra textbooks. I do not plan to pretest the students because this is new material for them. This class will also go to the computer lab and complete a lesson on the computer covering linear equations. In addition, they will work in pairs using T1-82 graphing calculator to explore slope and y-intercept. All of these methods are what I have typically taught over the past 5 years. Another eighth grade class will be given several data collection activities as a unit of study for linear equations. The primary resource for this class will be Algebra Experiments I by Mary Jean Winter and Ronald J. Carlson. My focus will begin with a whole class participation data collection activity. The class will perform â€Å"the wave† in small sections at a time until the entire class has completed it. As a group will record the number of seconds it takes (for example) 3, 5, 8, 13, 15, 20, etc. to complete the wave. Students will then use a prepared activity sheet that requires them to draw a diagram of the experiment, describe the procedure, identify the independent and dependent variables, create a table of data, graph data, choose two representative points to connect and create a â€Å"line of best fit†, find the slope and y-intercept of this line and describe it algebraically and verbally, then interpret the data through certain questions designed to create understanding of the purpose of the data and using the data to make predictions. This same format will be used for all subsequent activities uring the unit of study. The authors of the book say â€Å"Algebra Experiments I reflects the basic philosophy of the NCTM standards for learning, teaching, and assessment. Students have an opportunity to work collaboratively, to interact, and to develop communication skill. † The whole idea is to â€Å"bring the real world into your algebra classroom. † I plan to require the cla ss that does the experiments to keep a daily journal. It will include hot they felt about the daily activities, a description of any specific new topic or topics they learned and a list of questions they still have. Each day the class will address any concerns from the previous day’s activity. After several activities have been done by hand, I will instruct the class on how to analyze the data on the T1-82 graphing calculator. They will then be given the opportunity to use the calculator on another experiment. This class will also do the same graphing calculator activity on slope and y-intercept that the other class will do. I will give each class the same test and compare scores. I will also give each class a survey to compare attitudes, interest and understanding of the use of the material in a real-world application. My hope is that the students in the experiment class will have grasped the basic concepts of linear equations as well if not better than the other class and be able to relate this knowledge in a very real way. My search for articles about my proposed topic was lengthy and I have chosen to comment on a few. My goal next semester is to read and use each of these articles in my actual action paper. I have only read one article in its entirety. What I gathered from the abstracts was the importance of using real-world applications and incorporating the use of the graphing calculator. Since my goal is to show that data collection activities can provide a way to teach the basic concepts of linear equations in a real-world setting, I tried to find articles that would bear this out. Mercer (1995) presents lessons that teach slope-intercept concepts of linear equations through the use of the graphing calculator. Held (1995) uses Computer-Intensive Algebra (CIA) to focus on the use of technology and real-world settings to develop a richer understanding of algebraic concepts. Dugdale (1995) has written about technology and algebra curriculum reform. She focuses on â€Å"current issues, potential directions, and research question†. Assessment issues are addressed. Algebra is â€Å"a way of reasoning involving variables/functional relationships, generalizations/modes of representation and mathematical investigation/argument. Harvey (1995) was the keynote speaker at the Algebra Working Group of the Seventh International Conference on Mathematical Education in Quebec City, Canada. He spoke of how important technology was in new algebra curriculum reform based on the NCTM standards. Bell (1995) was also a speaker at the Quebec conference. He suggest curriculum modifications and reviews research on students’ performance. Menghini (1994) â€Å"claims that, to be meaningful, algebra must be linked to real-work problems. † Wallace (1993) offers a data collection activity similar to one I have used in the past. I would like to include this one in my lesson plans. It â€Å"compares the trends of women’s and men’s world records for the 800-meter run using the linear and power Regression capabilities of a graphing calculator. A very promising article by Magidson (1992) â€Å"addresses the challenges, risks, and rewards of teaching about linear functions in a technology-rich environment from a constructivist perspective. Describes an algebra class designed for junior high school students that focuses on the representations and real-world applications of linear functions. † I hope this will help me next semester as I begin to encounter problems. References Bell, A. , (1995). Purpose in school algebra. Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 14 (1), 41-73. Dugdale, S. and others, (1995). Technology and algebra curriculum reform: current issues, potential directions, and research questions. Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching, 14 (3), 325-57. Harvey, J. nd others. (1995). The influence of technology on the teaching and learning of algebra. Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 14 (1), 75-109. Heid, K. (1995). A technology-intensive approach to algebra. Mathematics Teacher, 88 (8), 650-56. Magidson, S. (1992). From the laboratory to the classroom: a technology-intensive curriculum for functions and graphs. Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 11 (4), 361-37. Menghini, M. (1994). Form in alg ebra: reflecting, with Peacock, on upper secondary school teaching. For the Learning of Mathematics, 14 (3), 9-14. Mercer, J. (1995). Teaching graphing concepts with graphing calculators. Mathematics Teacher, 88 (4), 268-73. Wallace, E. (1993). Exploring regression with a graphing calculator. Mathematics Teacher, 86, (9), 741-43. Example 2 Use of Algebra Tiles to Enhance the Concept Development of Operations on Polynomials and Factoring in Ninth Grade Algebra Students The purpose of this action research project is to find out if the use of Algebra Tiles will enhance the concept development of operations on polynomials and factoring in ninth grade algebra students. Mathematics teachers are guided by the Arkansas State mathematics Framework. The following three student learning expectations are covered by this research project. 2. 1. 5 Describe, visualize, draw and construct geometric figures in one, two, and three dimensions. 2. 3. 7 Represent problem situations with geometric models and apply properties of figures in meaningful context to solve mathematical and real-world problems. 2. 3. 8 Represent one, two and three-dimensional geometric figures algebraically. Algebra Tiles allow students â€Å"hands-on† experience with polynomials. The tiles give students the opportunity to model, to create a mental image, to draw, and to then symbolically manipulate polynomials. They are based on area and multiplication concepts that students are familiar with. Howden (1985) states â€Å"It is generally recognized that understanding the meaning of a mathematics concept, as opposed to merely performing the associated computation, is an essential element of true learning and achievement† and â€Å"research shows that modeling and visualization promotes such understanding†. Two units on polynomials will be taught in ninth grade algebra. One focusing on operations on polynomials and the other focusing on factoring. Two teachers will teach the same material using the same methods and tests. No pre-test will be given because ninth grade students have had no previous experience with these concepts. Both teachers will teach two of their own classes each of these two polynomial units. One class will receive traditional instruction by symbolic manipulation only. The other class will use the Algebra Tiles along with the traditional method. The student’s scores for each unit using Algebra Tiles will be compared to the scores based on the traditional method only. Differences will be compared and noted. In addition, students receiving instruction with the tiles will keep a journal each day describing how they feel about using the tiles. According to Sharp (1995), students using algebra tiles â€Å"found it easy to think about algebraic manipulations when they visualized the tiles† and â€Å"the majority of students stated that the tiles added a mental imagery that made learning `easier. † Another possible comparison will be to see if there is any difference in scores or perception between boys and girls using the tiles. The goal of this research project is to see if Algebra Tiles or â€Å"modeling† will enhance the understanding of polynomials and make the process of factoring â€Å"easier†. References Howden, Hilde. Algebra Tiles for the Overhead Projector. New Rochelle, NY: Cuisenaire Company of America, 1985. Sharp, Janet M. Results of Using Algebra Tiles as Meaningful Representations of Algebra Concepts, ERIC search, 1995. Related article: â€Å"Study Guide Algebra† How to cite Data Collection Activities in Algebra 1, Essay examples

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Is There a Philippine Public Administration Essay Example

Is There a Philippine Public Administration? Paper Is there a Philippine Public Administration? The author did not deny the fact that there is a Philippine Public Administration. He, instead, described what kind of Public Administration the Philippines had. It was stated that the public administration of a country is shaped by three major institutions: education, politics and government. The author describes education in the Philippines as poor especially in the areas of science,and History. I have seen so many interviews by fellow Filipinos and foreigners asking Filipinos what they know about the Philippine history and most answers were just a shake of the head (indicating that they don’t know the answer) or a simple â€Å"hindi ko alam† (I have no idea). The Filipinos, then and now, are unaware of their identity. We have been colonized by different countries that our mindset is that anything is better than being a Filipino so we go seek a new identity to a foreign country. Another issue in education from the article was elementary teachers were being considered as professors. We will write a custom essay sample on Is There a Philippine Public Administration? specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Is There a Philippine Public Administration? specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Is There a Philippine Public Administration? specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer It has been in the news or the papers that English proficiency is deteriorating here in the Philippines. The said decrease was caused by the quality of teachers being hired to teach the children and the textbooks being provided have so many errors. I have seen and read one of the textbooks being handed down to students and I have experienced sitting-in in an elementary public school class and I could not believe how many errors and inaccuracy they were providing to the children. Even the tarpaulin sign they posted outside their school had wrong grammar in it. A mere sign they could not even get right, what more with what they teach their students? The author provided us, the readers, a brief history of politics here in the Philippines. He thought that the politics before and now are pretty much still the same. It was stated that the people were deprived of any meaningful experience in the politics of civil government. It was only those in the upper class or the principalia who is allowed to govern a town but were merely figureheads of the friar curates. The principalia had developed another form of politics. This was the politics of the pueblos religious fiesta. It was a competition between families to get the post of hermano mayor, which is the sponsor and presiding officer of the fiesta. The post required effort and personal expenditure but rewarded by a few days of personal glory and was vied upon for the personal gain and not really for the well-being of the community. This was basically the basis of Philippines politics. The author mentioned: â€Å"The  old  (colonial)  and  the  new  political  ethics  have  become  one,  a  syncresis  or  a combination  of  often  contradictory  elements,  since  the  beginning  of  the  century. The  victorious  elites  affirm  the  triumph  of  democracy,  the  victory  of  the  people;  and  the  latter  listen  to  finely  crafted  speeches  on  nationalism,  social  justice,  and  the popular  welfare. But  the  archetypal  lider  (leader)in  Filipino  politics  is  still  he  who gets  the  most  jobs  for  his  followers,  increases  his  income  when  his  faction  is  in power  (while  paying  less  in  income  taxes),  and  gives  the  most  help  in  various  forms  to  his  followers’  families. This  is  the  relationship  between  a  Mafia  don  and  his soldiers. † I agree on the author with his claim. This evidently shows on every local or national sector of the government. These are typical measures taken by politicians to acquire more votes. If they provide more help to their followers then others would take notice and probably vote for them in the next elections. I have been so exposed to different approaches of political leaders to gain more votes not only in my hometown but also to our neighboring municipalities. This has been such a common act that it seemed to be normal to give more to the followers instead of equally performing your duties to everyone. Even if some politicians provide equal handling, the amount of those who does not still over shadow’s the good politicians. The Philippine government, like every government in the world, has its flaws. Cronyism is so rampant in the Philippines, most especially during the Marcos era. But the one thing that caught my attention was when President Noynoy Aquino promoted Manny Pacquiao to lieutenant colonel. Manny Pacquiao was enlisted in the Reserve Force of the Philippine Army with the rank of Sergeant on April 27, 2006 as a form of courtesy by then Colonel Alexander Yano who was a Brigade Commander in Sarangani. After this, the promotions kept pouring and just right after his matches. On October 7 2007, He was promoted as Master Sergeant after he defeated Antonio Barrera. I just don’t understand all of this. I don’t even know why he’s in Congress. All he does is train for a boxing match. How would he ever have time to do his duties to the citizens? And now he’s Lieutenant Colonel. Quoting a source: [President Benigno Aquino III] on September 21 authorized the promotion of Pacquiao from a reserve senior master sergeant to a lieutenant colonel. He skipped the ranks of  chief master sergeant, second lieutenant, first lieutenant, captain and major. Major Harold Cabunoc, the Philippine Army Spokesperson said: Being an elected official at ang karangalan na ibinigay ni Pacman sa buong bansa, at of course sa Army, parang hindi sapat na siya lang ay isang senior master sergeant,† Just because he’s the 8th time World Boxing Champion doesn’t mean he is qualified to lead a battalion in the army. This action of the government s imply shows that they are not doing a good job running this country. They merely appoint people subjectively not considering the qualifications needed. I feel a sense of melancholy when I think about how much the actions of the government will affect its citizens and technically everything the Philippines represents. I like how the author compared the government with the Pasig River. What once was a pulsing and living artery of commerce and life is now silted, dirty and dead. Like the author said, if a government cannot keep its toilets clean or cleanse a dying river and bring it to life, then it can neither govern well nor attain development for the people. Although its never too late to change for the better, it will take a long time to straighten our frail government. I don’t want to think that the Philippines will always be this corrupt and undeveloped country.